Puréau demonstrates its commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle

Puréau is a water company that demonstrates unparalleled dedication to industry excellence, health, safety and environmental responsibility. There are few profit-based organisations that are willing and able to take demanding steps and expend substantial resources on sustainability, eco-friendliness and related best practices.

Puréau maintains a very low carbon footprint, especially compared to the mineral water industry. This is largely due to Puréau’s well-established national infrastructure, which includes purification plants at its branches. This means less carbon emissions due to “smart manufacturing” and a shorter distance to transport products, lowering vehicle emissions too!

Our office water coolers also use an extremely environmentally friendly refrigerant gas (R134A) that conforms to all government requirements. Our plastic water bottles, also known as PET bottles, are still great examples for the clean drinking water industry as they are 100% recyclable! We support Petco in its campaign toward the recycling of all PET bottles in South Africa. They hope to better on 2012’s results of 46%/over 1.4 billion PET bottles being recycled to 50% by 2015!

As mentioned above, we are a water company committed to uplifting and enriching South Africa. Our social ‘mission objectives’ are:

  1. Avoidance – Reduce and seek to eliminate consumption of resources and energy sources where possible, and avoid waste production.
  2. Re-use and recover – This refers to reusing materials and equipment, as well as recovering old materials, rather than buying brand new, wherever the possibility exists.
  3. Recycle – Promote the culture of recycling as well as only working with suppliers who use non-reusable materials in their recycling practices.
  4. Safe disposal – Separate all non-reusable or recyclable materials as primary waste, while sourcing suppliers who recollect their waste products and practice safe disposal ethics.

Every water company should ideally understand the detrimental long-term effects of pollution. We are committed to ongoing research and development to advance “sustainability” and the positive impact of our environmentally friendly products. Puréau Water Company is relentless on truly making a difference in South Africa through innovation, social upliftment and improved environmental impact. Our sustainability strategy is also appropriately aligned with the Bidvest sustainability plan.

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