Coffee machines for a luxurious beverage experience

There’s nothing that can kick-start a day better than a freshly blended cup of coffee in the morning. With Puréau’s new range of innovative and multi-functional coffee machines, convenient coffee pods, and specially cultivated coffee beans, you can be sure that your ‘corporate coffee experience’ will never be the same again!

Our coffee machines come in basic, intermediate and advanced versions, each catering for specific lifestyles, and each designed to provide coffee lovers everywhere with the perfect cup of steaming coffee every time! After years of research that Puréau has tirelessly invested into the corporate coffee sector the ‘fruit’ is now coming to the fore!

Today customers can acquire the most innovative, durable and user-friendly coffee machines imaginable. Although ours is a product developed to satisfy the commercial niche, there’s no reason why you can’t and won’t want to purchase a unit for your kitchen at home. Our range breaks new frontiers for office use by being wide ranging but easy to operate.

    • Home
      When choosing a coffee machine for home use there are automatic and manual options. Purchasing a “fast-serve system” may be unnecessary for only five people! For these occasions our intermediate range is perfect. Some of these systems are also equipped with a self-cleaning function to provide ultimate ease of use.
    • Office
      Investing in a coffee machine for the office can be a tough choice, but Puréau’s range of office-friendly coffee machines makes the choice much easier. One can choose from a selection of automatic or manual systems that are developed for coffee beans, granules or coffee pods. They are also designed specifically to handle fast-paced office environments where coffee is served at “rapid” speeds.

Our fastest automatic coffee machine can produce 60 cups of perfectly blended coffee per hour. This ensures no employee takes longer than one or two minutes to get their coffee. Our Impressa cappuccino machine is also designed to offer a boutique coffee experience with an impressive 100 cup per hour capacity.

So, if you’re in the market for a new coffee machine, look no further than Puréau’s new ultimate range of coffee machines and consumable products. With so many options to choose from, you can be sure that you will find one that suits your every need.